Aule Marliir

Lionar of Cormyr


Aule Marliir
LN Human Fighter 10
Atk: +15 (Longsword) Dmg: 1d8 +6
AC: 21
HP: 95


Aule Marliir is of the House Marliir which is extremely prominient in Arabel. Thir holding makes the Marliirs the natural choice to repel the Orc and Goblin invaders as their lands are near Redspring. Aule is the middle son of Rynaar Marliir, the head of the clan. Aule is intelligent, strong, brave, and extremely haughty. He fully believes in the nobility and the place of their “lessers”. He is the personification of all that is positive of the nobility; being protective, intelligent, strong, and responsible. He also represent much of what is wrong with the nobility of Cormyr, he is haughty, aloof, disconnected, above-it-all

Aule Marliir

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