Althas Ironhand (Marliir)

Althas is the squadron commander under which the PC's are assigned


Althas Ironhand (Marliir)
LG Human 4th lvl Fighter
Longsword +7 atk 1d8 +3 dmg
AC: 18
HP: 40


Althas is the bastard son of Gil Marliir, brother of the head of the family. Althas is stern but fair. He sees his place as bastard a way to earn everything he can without the use of his family name. Even to the point of making foolish decisions. Althas is brave, and will gladly lay his life down for King Foril. He has a daughter Illiana, and a wife who died in child birth. Illiana is currently in the college for the War Wizards. He despises Aule being in command of the general army, as Aule has a tendancy to rub in Althas’ bastard status, but he obeys him without question.

Althas Ironhand (Marliir)

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