Storm on the Horizon

First Day

Zane, Taurus, and Brother Thaddeus, after dealing with a small situation in Azoun’s Fountain, were recruited into the Purple Dragons and headed towards the army’s northern camp. Together with a young elf named Timeron, they defended themselves against an Orcish ambushing party and then settled into camp for the first evening of their three day trip.

As to what await them after reporting for duty only Timora knows……


The year is 1484 of the Dale Reckoning, also known as the year of Awakened Sleepers. During this year, Drizz’t Do’Urden continues his battles against Artemis Enteri far to the North. Orcs and Goblins make their ways south as the Netherese Empire solidifies new territory, and the constellations begin changing….
Upon this narrative, a division of the Cormyrian Purple Dragons set out north from Arabel to defend the hamlet of Redspring from a monstrous army fleeing the Shade Empire as it invades the Stone Lands.
King Foril Orbaskyr has decreed that Redspring, even though not of strategic importance, must be protected and garrisoned; to what end, His Majesty will not say. His Majesty has also decreed that any Purple Dragon that takes part in this expedition will have any crimes or debts forgiven from the Royal Treasury. This decree swells the ranks of the Royal Army with volunteers, ruffians, and neer-do-wells. All enlisted men will begin their service with the pay of 4 silver pieces per day. If the town is defended, the army will receive 100 times their monthly pay (120 gold), their debts or crimes forgiven, and a small tract of land near Redspring. This is an extraordinary reward for so small of a town…..
The squadron is under the direct command of First Sword (Sergeant) Althas Ironhand (Marliir) (Ftr 4) and the general command of Aule Marliir (Ftr 10) Lionar (Captian) of His Majesty’s Purple Dragons of Arabel.


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